Grants to create new business events!

New grants for business events



Destination NSW has created a funding opportunity to bring new business events to NSW. The NSW Regional Conferencing Grant Development Pilot Program aims to help stakeholders create new business events, or to bring existing business events to NSW.

The program has been implemented to help create innovative and compelling business events in NSW, bringing together business opportunity and events which highlight attractions across the state.

The program is offering seed funding between 4 August  2017 and 30 June 2018, up to a maximum of $100,000. More information and applications are available via the link below.

How do business events benefit you?

Business conferences and business events bring knowledge, innovation and networking together in one place to benefit attendees and event holders. Live conferences create incredible networking opportunities with people in the industry who may not otherwise have the opportunity to meet in person.

Conferences and events are where new business proposals and ideas may be discussed. They are important vehicles for education in matter specific to the industry hosting the event. New ideas and business innovation are key benefits in attending a business event. It can also be a great venue for talking over potential joint ventures.

If the event is a trade show, businesses have the opportunity to market directly to vendors, and allowing business owners to establish valuable relationships with potential buyers.

These crucial events are where business people can meet competitors. Valuable information can be gathered about competitors such as their strengths and limitations. This is a great venue for research on how a business can better find its niche in a highly competitive market.

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