Event Information:

  • Thu

    Workshop on Customer Personas and Buying Cycle

    4:00 pm – 6:30 pmBusiness Growth Centre 48 Oakdale Road Gateshead

    This is a must attend workshop for every small business owner and startup. It will help you save years of messing around by trial and error.

    Key Concepts Covered:

    • Importance of customer personas
    • Understanding your customers buying cycle
    • 3 ways to develop customer personas
    • Strategising based on your customer buying cycle.
    • Converting customer needs into products and services based on personas and their buying cycle.

    This is a 2.5 hours workshop on customer personas and buying cycle which will help small business owners and startups to understand their customers better in order to fulfil their needs.

    One of the most important success factors for any business is to understand: who our ideal customers are, understand their needs, their buying behaviour of customers, the way they buy, what they look for and how. As businesses, we can serve them and build trust and loyalty way before they start checking online for products or services.


    Learn what the big businesses do from one of the authorities on Small Business innovation and digital readiness, CEO of NetStripes, Dinesh De Silva, on “Succeeding online” by understanding your ‘Customer Buying Cycle & Customer Personas’.

    Join this interactive session where you can ask questions and meet other like-minded business owners and startups.

    $25 (Plus GST, Processing Fee)