Event Information:

  • Fri

    Half Day Digital Marketing Workshop

    10:00 am – 1:00 pmMerewether Surf Club Watkins St & John Parade Merewether

    At this Social Media “Half Day” Workshop you will:

    • develop your social media strategy
    • develop your social media guidelines
    • have a plan to respond to negative comments
    • learn about Facebook Live videos
    • LinkedIn publishing
    • Instagram posts
    • PR & Influencer outreach
    • get 1-on-1 feedback from Adam Franklin

    Here's a reader response that sparked the idea for this workshop:

    "I've reached the conclusion that I need deadlines, and want flesh & bone trainers. As great as your online course is, I want it in a classroom with flesh & bone people sitting next to me."

    So this will be a "doing" day but not a "technical" workshop. What I mean by this is it's for non-techies, like me and you. We'll get the high level and important content created, and then I'll help you delegate the techincal tasks to your team. And if you dont have a team I recommend using Automation Agency who can do all these niggly techie tasks for you!

    I propose teaching you what you need to do in-person AND we'll actually DO IT in the workshop. I'll teach you but most importantly I'll be there to give feedback and help you get it DONE on the day.

    Register $57