The free Facebook party is over

The free Facebook party is over

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Is your organic Facebook reaching your businesses life-blood? You’re in for a tough time if your business relies on casually ‘popping up’ in a proportion of your follower’s new feeds. Come 2018, the free Facebook party might just be over.


Facebook user’s news feeds are set to become even more prized real estate for businesses trying to get a share of the market.


Facebook knows its value to the realm of business and it has begun trials that monetise user’s news feeds even further. Facebook user engagement via the news feed is set to become a paid parking space in 2018.


Facebook launched a secondary news feed called “Explore” in 2017. It has been testing this second feed on the mobile app with a little “rocket ship” icon. It is set to be rolled out to all users, on desktop and mobile.


Main News feed vs “Explore” tab


The difference in the “Explore” tab is it only rolls content to a user that they might find meaningful. It is a feed of posts popular in the user’s geographical location as well as content related to pages they like.


The main news feed is populated primarily by posts from friends, alongside paid posts and advertising. What the “main” news feed won’t give a user, is organic content from pages they do like.


In order to find organic content from business pages they follow, a user will have to manually click their “Explore” tab.


Pay to play


With multiple news feed options for a user, Facebook creates more places to hold attention and therefore show paid ads.


Specialist social media marketing site Social Media Examiner surveyed their business page followers in October 2017, asking if a significant drop in the organic reach of page posts could be noticed. The response was almost unanimously yes.


The move is about to make doing business on Facebook harder for those small to medium businesses without the budget to stand out.


If you haven’t been boosting Facebook posts or buying ads for your business on Facebook, it could be time to review your social marketing strategy.


In order to stay on top of your Facebook marketing, it is important to refer back to the Facebook News Feed Publisher Guidelines. In order to be more successful in a news feed, it is recommended publishers should:


  • “…ideally focus on what they do best; making the important and meaningful stories interesting to their audience.”
  • “…focus on posting accurate, authentic content.”
  • “…follow our Community Standards.”

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