Start promoting your family owned Australian business today

Start promoting your family owned Australian business today


Research indicates that consumers prefer products and services from family owned businesses. It comes from an underlying belief that family run companies make products that are trustworthy.


It is estimated around 70% of all businesses in Australia are family owned businesses. Yet many family owned businesses don’t promote they are family owned.


Family Business Australia (FBA) is the peak body for family business in Australia, a sector which accounts for almost half a million businesses and fifty percent of the Australian workforce.


FBA makes the ‘A family owned Australian business’ emblem available for family owned Australian businesses to support them to promote their status.


Greg Griffith, CEO of FBA  says “the supermarket shelves and online marketplaces are more cluttered than ever. Consumers want to make the right choice. The Family Owned Australian Business Emblem makes it easy for them to do that”.


The use of the logo signifies to government, community, employees and customers that the business is a major contributor to the Australian economy, and there is pride in the business’ humble family origins.


“The more consumers understand what the Family Owned Australian Business emblem means, the more they will choose products or services from our members who display it”, Mr Griffith said.


Carman’s Kitchen, a family owned Australian business have been using the emblem successfully in their business. Watch the video to learn more:



FBA provides a range of services and products to assist family businesses achieve long term success. This includes access to extensive resources, experience and networks to provide knowledge and skills to face challenges and deliver results for family businesses.


The Emblem is available for family businesses that are FBA members only. Already a member? Start using the emblem today. Alternatively you can join the FBA today online.

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