Hemp: A high point for Australian Agri-business and foodies

Hemp: A high point for Australian Agri-business and foodies


From 12 November 2017, low-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) Hemp Seed foods will be allowed for sale in Australia and New Zealand. This change opens up a new realm of opportunity for agri-business and niche gourmet markets seeking the next ‘superfood’.


The industry is worth $US570 million ($A742 million) in US and Canada.



Industrial Hemp Association of NSW’s president, Beatrice Kuyumgian-Rankin says whilst misperceptions about hemp are widespread, she assures hemp is safe to eat.


In fact it is being spruiked as the next craze among the ‘superfoods’. It is also anticipated the Australian Medical Association (AMA) will provide hemp seed products a five-star health rating.


Hemp protein powder and hemp seed oil are both made from the seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp oil is used in many skin beauty products and can also be used in the kitchen.


Hemp is high in protein and natural amino acids and very high in essential fatty acids including omega 3,6 and 9 as well as gamma linolenic acid.


It is anticipated since the legal change, that a suite of new hemp based food products will flood the market in Australia, much to the delight of health conscious consumers and foodies.


The Australian government was hesitant in approving hemp as a food, but it is known that eating hemp food products cannot provide a positive result on a roadside drug test. Consumption of hemp is not only safe, it is healthy and legal.


Hemp has a variety of uses and a rise in demand could prove to be the next big crop boom for Australian Agriculture. Alongside food products, Hemp can also be used to create textiles, building materials, bioplastics, fuel and more.


It is a hardy and sustainable crop that has enormous potential for both domestic and export markets. Seeds, once germinated do not require either fertiliser or irrigation. Because of the low inputs, research has put the farm gate revenue for hemp seed between $4000 and $5000 per hectare.


If you are interested in growing industrial hemp seed in Australia – Hemp Foods Australia is currently looking for more certified organic hemp farmers with at least 50 acres irrigated land. They guarantee to purchase all the seed you grow. Find out more.


More information on growing hemp can be sourced from the NSW Industrial Hemp Association.


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