Published on Jul 27, 2015

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Securing a sale can sometimes feel like pulling teeth – but sales expert Vanessa Van Wyk says her top tip for achieving sales success is to just show a toothy grin!

Leading industry expert Vanessa delivered an engaging and insightful presentation in June as part of Council’s Business Leadership Workshop Series, saying: “The key to mastering sales is in understanding that people don’t buy products or services. They buy because of how they feel when you solve their problem.”

Keep reading as Vanessa shares some useful videos and reveals her top five tips for mastering sales.

1.  Smile with teeth.
Vanessa’s first tip to be a better salesperson is to show some teeth.  Positive interest is ignited in the first moments of contact with a customer by simply smiling with teeth.  Eye shape is crucial to how the brain reads trustworthiness, and smiling with teeth creates the shape that paves the way for positive communication.  Don’t worry about what your pearly whites say about you because customers will only be looking at your eyes.

2.  Language skills are important to make people feel good.
Identify epicentre words that make a customer feel good.  Address customers by name.  Brains latch onto happy, complimentary and positive words – so use them to communicate information to customers.

3.  Structure your sales pitch.
Start by introducing a positive feeling for the customer by using those epicentre words.  Explain the value proposition, and then ask the customer how they feel about it.  This opens the loop to ignite and confirm interest, and creates follow up actions to allow you to secure the transaction.

4.  Let the customer talk 70% of the time.
People like to talk – and to be listened to!  Customers are empowered to purchase by being asked questions and talking about how they feel about a value proposition.

5.  Be the same positive person all the time.
Forget about putting on a sales face and instead aim to be a consistently positive communicator wherever you are.  A positive outlook improves brain function and opens up access to treasure troves of useful information that allow us to problem solve and communicate better.  Negativity, stress and anxiety close off these pockets of information and inhibit our ability to handle a challenging customer or complaint.

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About Vanessa
Vanessa Van Wyk has helped entrepreneurial business owners and their teams to design, implement and manage successful sales, customer service and management programs for over 13 years.  Visit Vanessa’s website for more information.