Published on Jan 18, 2016

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According to the latest data released by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission, the average wedding in Australia costs $36,200!

A large proportion of the cost of a wedding goes toward food and alcohol, with photography and wedding entertainment also high on the ranks. Cessnock City Council’s Business Capability Study determined there were 121 businesses operating in the Cessnock local government area that provide direct services or products for

The wedding and special events sector also supports a range of secondary node businesses. For instance, the florist buys flowers from a wholesaler and the wholesaler needs transport and logistics, who need refrigeration mechanics to maintain their trucks.

The immediate injection from having a range of goods and services purchased within the Hunter Valley induces a consumption and industrial effect that multiplies the economic value of the original cash injection. The wedding sector is important to maintaining and supporting a diverse and sustainable tourism economy to ensure local jobs and economic wellbeing.

Love is in the Air at Hunter Valley Visitor Centre

The Hunter Valley Visitor Centre is supporting our wedding and special event businesses through hosting a month long wedding exhibition. Love is in the Air at Hunter Valley Visitor Centre will run through the month of February 2016, showcasing a broad range of wedding businesses such as florists, venues, celebrants, chapels, cake decorators, decorators, photographers, catering and ancillary retail and services.

Potential brides visiting the centre will receive a show bag full of vital information and will be treated to the opportunity to join tours to specialist venues, as well as make appointments with key operators at the centre.

facebook picture love is in the air

Click to view the flyer for the Hunter Valley Wedding Display

To support this vital business cluster, Council’s Economic Development Unit are organising an industry networking launch with a difference that will ensure opportunities are seized. Council’s Economic Development Manager Jane Holdsworth says local wedding businesses will be invited to ‘speed date’.

“If we understand our product, form relationships and cross promote we can build capacity and grow our wedding sector. Who knows? An impromptu business speed date could turn into something special and long lasting.”

For more information on how you can participate in the Love is in the Air display, please contact Melissa George, Visitor Centre Coordinator on 4993 6710 or email