For successful Economic Development it is critical that there is a comprehensive understanding of industry, businesses, their capacity and needs. A paucity of data is a barrier to effective economic development.

Determining the business capability within the region, and the collective needs of businesses is essential to developing a responsive economic development strategy and better planning for workforce development, business environment and investment in infrastructure and promoting regional liveability.


The Study:

The research provides a geography based report of detailed business and sector analysis, and builds on the comprehensive system for contacting and informing businesses of opportunities within the region.

The Business Capability Study identified how many businesses operate within the region, their size, employment capacity, export and import status, and also determines prime opportunities to encourage investment and jobs within the region.  The results will drive future economic development programming, and inform what can be done to support and nurture existing businesses.


Cessnock City Business Capability Study 2019 Final Report

The report presents the findings of the comprehensive survey of 713 surveyed businesses in Cessnock City conducted from July to September 2019. It combines the results of the study and presents it with future directions and provides context for some of the key findings.


Download the report. 


The Cessnock City Business Capability Study report was adopted and endorsed for publication by the Cessnock City Council at its Ordinary Meeting of Council on 11 December 2019 (Report Number GMU24/2019).

The Cessnock City Business Capability Study is a project which has been jointly funded by the Australian Government and the Cessnock City Council under the Building Better Regions Fund.

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