Is your retail business ready for Christmas?

Published on Dec 5, 2017

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Ready or not, Christmas is around the corner


The pre-Christmas period is a brief but hectic time for retailers.  While holiday-makers arrive to enjoy all the Hunter Valley has to offer, and school children are getting ready for six weeks of summer fun, retailers are gearing up for the busiest time of the  year.


Christmas is generally a time for families and friends to get together and show their appreciation of one another, frequently with a gift!


Stay on top of your marketing channels and make sure that your marketing message is consistent across social media, e-commerce platforms and in-store to provide a seamless customer experience.



Get your marketing right and create meaningful messages that connect you with your customers. An email marketing or social media campaign that adds a Christmas theme to your logo, and includes a message you want customers to associate with your company is a great branding exercise.


If you use social media marketing remember the rule of thumb is that 80% of your content should enhance your customer’s lives, with tips and interesting tidbits of information, and 20% should promote your products and services.


Finally,  answering the following practical questions is an essential step to help maximise your profits over this busy period:

  1. Do you have enough staff? Ensure you have enough employees for the Christmas period and do your rosters as early as you can, including contingencies for sick or absent staff members.


  1. Is your stock ready? Get it sorted early, and keep your online inventory up-to-date. Check last year’s sales figures to get an idea of how customers are shopping. Was spending fairly evenly spread in the weeks leading up to Christmas, or was it all just a mad rush during the last week? Make sure your stock is ready to go before your peak time starts.


  1. Are your staff engaged and trained? Staff must possess excellent customer service skills, be up-to-date on stock and services and have the ability to handle multiple pressures, including EFTpos breakdowns and customer queries without batting an eyelid.


  1. Does your store look great? Regular customers will know what they want and where in your store they can find it, but if you want to capture casual shoppers and holiday-makers, your shopfront and product displays need to look enticing and easy to navigate.


Have a great Christmas season!



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