Published on Apr 4, 2017

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Does your business compete with government businesses?


Do you feel like government funded businesses have an unfair advantage over you?


If so, the Government has opened up the conversation so that you can air your concerns.


The Treasury are examining the Commonwealth’s Competitive Neutrality Policy. The establishment of a Competitive Neutrality Review Secretariat is the first review since the policy was released in 1996.


According to the Treasury website, “Competitive neutrality requires that government business activities should not enjoy any net competitive advantages simply by virtue of public sector ownership. This allows market competition to drive the efficient production of goods and services by the lowest cost business”.


The Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) have recently been calling for tighter regulations around the privatisation of public assets, stating that poor regulation has led to unfair competition on non-government businesses and a negative effect on consumers.


The Port of Melbourne is a case in point. The ACCC recently pointed out that rent hikes by the Port of Melbourne of 750% at the time of privatisation. This leads to increased rental costs for the Port user and eventually higher prices for consumers.


Have your say:

You don’t have to be the operator of a large piece of infrastructure like the Port of Melbourne to be affected by unfair competition.


If you are affected by government competition, then Treasury is seeking submissions from you regarding the issues outlined in their ‘Consultation Paper’.


Submission details and the Consultation Paper can be found at Competitive Neutrality Review website page. Make sure you understand the confidentiality, use of personal information and privacy before you submit.


Submissions for the Review are due by 5pm Friday 21 April 2017.