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Image taken prior to COVID-19 restrictions. Left to right: Aim Big clients John Foster, Barry Simmons, Michael Levy, John Scaysbrook, Amy Green, Tabatha Benney, Darlene Evans and Carrie Payton

Aim Big have over 22 years’ experience assisting people with disability, injury or health conditions to secure employment.

The proudly Australian owned organisation tailors their services around listening and understanding to support individual’s unique goals.  Aim Big places a focus on sourcing meaningful and sustainable employment all while using a wide range of experts to help achieve the perfect outcome.

Aim Big are the only DES provider in Australia that specialises in muscoskeletal disability and have dedicated and skilled staff that can assist people to overcome barriers to achieve goals.  Offering support for people with a range of disabilities including physical (muscoskeletal) and mental health is their specialty.

Regional Manager, Amy Osborne said ‘Being part of the Cessnock Regional Community allow us to support one another, interact, share experiences and our modern life struggles.  Having this open bond with others is what builds valuable relationships, and gives us a deeper sense of belonging’.

Aim Big are working towards bridging the employment gap by successfully delivering their pre-employment program The BusyBeans Program.  The program delivers knowledge and specialised skills through our coffee training centres.  Participants learn techniques, attend face to face training courses and gain customer service skills from our experienced trainers.  It is a great opportunity to gain self-confidence and build working relationships within a supportive and understanding environment.

‘Communities like ours are so rich in resources, we at Aim Big want to engage with locals in the community to support both economical growth and sustainable living in strength of the connections among us’ Mrs Osborne said.

Aim Big is located at Building 7, 34 Vincent Street, Cessnock

Contact Number: 1300 034 997



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