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Primabolics Nutrition is a sports and nutritional supplement company based out of Cessnock. It employs three staff in addition to the founder of the business and majority owner, Will Warren-Davey. But it all started as a hobby and a love of the gym!

A few years ago, Will Warren-Davey realised some over-the-counter supplements on the market were not clinically dosed. That is, they did not contain enough of the active ingredient to be effective.

“Going back several years the only options were mass produced, under dosed, non-scientifically validated formulas for products that relied on ignorance of the consumer and mass marketing to achieve sales” says Will.

Frustrated by this, he combined his love of learning and his science degree to develop the supplements now sold under the brand name Primabolics. He wanted to put every cent available for his start up into using the most premium quality raw ingredients money could buy at dosages used in clinical trials and studies.

“I have always valued a work ethic” says Will Warren-Davey. “This project has just been an embodiment of that work ethic applied to an area I love, which is fitness”.

“I have an unrelenting desire to learn everything there is to know about the human body, biochemistry and endocrinology” says Will.

“It’s what has motivated me to read the research studies, learn the efficiencies of the human body, trial the formulas, and test the products”.

His is goal to make premium quality supplements validated by science, using the best available raw materials. “I really have a burning desire to have the best supplements on the market”.

After extensive research he developed a product called Metabolyz, a thyroid, adrenal and fat loss support health tonic formulated to provide every vitamin and mineral required in the process of conversion and formation of the thyroid hormones. Recently, Will added a first of its kind fat burner and pre workout combination to his range. Warfare Ripped can be used as either a stand-alone pre workout, a stand-alone fat burner thermogenic or both!

He currently has four products on the market which are sold in supplement stores around the country. Primabolics is tracking to have a product range of 6 products by 2019 first quarter, total of 11 SKU’s and to be stocked in approximatley 100 accounts nationwide. Not bad for a little supplement company hailing from Cessnock City!

Primabolics were nominated for new brand of the year by Australia’s largest supplement retailer this year.

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