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Unbridled Results bring a unique and fascinating angle on team-building and leadership development by using Horse Assisted Learning in their workshops.


Louisa Farthing, Director of Unbridled Results says teambuilding with horses allows you to open up your ideas, find your strengths and learn about your colleagues. The learning is fast and when you learn by doing, it stays with you. The horses are free to move around as they want most of the time. Their natural instinct is to be part of a united team (as they would be in their normal herd) so to get them to work with you, your team has to work out how to provide this united team environment.


Unbridled Results think training should be efficient, fun and give you a learning experience that transfers back to your work environment. The added bonus of training with horses is the opportunity everyone gets to get away from their normal environment and into the great outdoors.


“In our workshops you run through a series of exercises, and the horses provide insightful and honest feedback. Sessions are facilitated by experienced human coaches too”, says Lousia.



Spending so much of our lives at work it’s essential that all co-workers know and understand each other as best as possible.


“Working only with company groups we focus on improving communication, trust and understanding among staff”, says Louisa.


“Our facilitators are highly qualified trainers in their own right, and our horse facilitators are experienced in doing what they do best – being horses and giving you honest, straightforward feedback on your actions and intent.


Working in Cessnock is a great mix of town and rural environment for Unbridled results.


“It gives us the opportunity to get groups out of the office into the outdoors for training, without having to travel far. Although we offer our workshops nationwide doing business in the Cessnock region allows us to also train at our picturesque head office location in Laguna”, says Louisa.


For 2018 Unbridled Results have two new signature workshops that are available for either a full or half day. And both are fully catered – Hunter Valley Style! So your staff can have the best of both worlds – a fabulous learning experience as well as the traditionally outstanding Hunter eating experience. All in one of our region’s most tranquil and beautiful areas.


To learn more contact Unbridled Results:

(02) 49988770

93 Olney Arm Road Laguna.

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