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Hunter Valley Environmental Cleaning (HVEC) is a locally owned, small business using the latest innovative and ecofriendly deep cleaning technologies to combat the spread of viruses, germs and bacteria.

Having only been operating for a short six months, HVEC is not your standard cleaning service.

They specialise in deep cleaning all of all types of businesses, family homes and community establishments to remove nasty bacteria and viruses (including the fight against the corona family of viruses).

Their goal is to offer a safe environment for families and businesses providing piece of mind so business owners can focus on rebuilding and recovery.

HVEC have six (6) experienced team members trained in proven deep cleaning methods to ensure the highest standard possible to maintain a healthy and safe standard of living whilst everyone adapts to the new normal.

Rest assured all products used are Australian made and have been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and the World Health Organisation.

Manager, Luke Waters says ‘Let us help you get back to where we started, providing you a safe tomorrow in an ever changing world’.

Hunter Valley Environmental Cleaning

Contact Number: 0482 477 313

Location: 2 Broke Road Pokolbin



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