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Business in Profile: The Branxton Greta Vineyards News

The Branxton Greta Vineyard News is a local newspaper, published on a fortnightly basis. It has been a newspaper of choice in our region since 1997, producing an astonishing 469 editions in that time!

The Branxton Greta Vineyard News employs 2 people,  and operates locally from Branxton.

The also publish news online.

Mike Lowing, the Editor of the Branxton Greta Vineyard News says Branxton, Greta and Surrounds are a great place to do business. The growing townships are increasingly liveable communities, and offer him a great environment to run his newspaper.

Good Council, good amenities & the new Hunter Expressway”

The Branxton Greta Vineyard News are also a part of their local Chamber of Commerce in Branxton and Greta.

Collect your free copy of the Branxton Greta Vineyard News today, or call Mike for advertising opportunities 4938 1773.


Branxton Greta Vineyard News

12 Clift Street Branxton | 4938 1773 |


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