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Writing aids made in Australia over a decade ago are still being used today.




Cessnock-based founder Regan Cary said in the beginning she knew she had a great product that would help save the environment but she never imagined Writeboards sold 10 years ago would still be in great condition.

“In that time, not one Writeboard has ever been returned and to our knowledge not one has ever been broken,” Regan said. “We must admit that this is not great for turnover, but it’s great for our environment, and of course for children.

“It’s great for self-esteem. If they make a mistake, they can rub it out. The kids love using them.”

She has listened to suggestions from teachers, principals and Occupational Therapists to improve and expand the range of worksheets and templates to 8600. They work not only with the Writeboard but also ipads, tablets and smartboards.

She says marketing her business is always challenging because it’s generally a one-on-one conversation that convinces people of the quality of the product.

While she has had calls to export Writeboards overseas, it would require all worksheets to be changed, since each country, and often each state, uses a different font to teach hand writing.

She said every time a school or parent bought an Australian-made Writeboard (rather than an imported dry-erase board) they were saving trees from being cut down and eliminating the recycling process, which uses resources and harmful chemicals.

Writeboards won a $100 gift card this week for completing Cessnock City Council’s Business Capability Survey. The business will put the money towards renewing its business registration.

Council acting economic development manager Rhiannon Stevens said the survey provide intelligence on how to better foster growth of our self-employed and small businesses.

“A stronger local economy means we can better plan long term for jobs to counter any retraction of traditional industries,” Rhiannon said.


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