Published on Sep 2, 2019

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New South Wales’ Police Commissioner has been championing a strategy called RISEUP, which was started last year to connect at risk young people with local jobs. Now the PCYC is seeking letters of support from local businesses to secure grants to establish the program in Cessnock.

supporting Cessnock youth to be job ready


At its launch in August last year, Commissioner Mick Fuller said RISEUP is a key priority for NSW Police.

“RISEUP is breaking through barriers to engage our vulnerable young people from heading down a less desirable path in life and giving them a career start,” Commissioner Fuller said.

“Importantly, employment gives our youth a sense of achievement, pride and structure they might not be getting in a traditional family environment and it’s humbling to know we have some of the country’s biggest businesses standing beside us to support our future leaders.”

The RISEUP strategy is delivered in partnership with PCYC, Youth and Crime Prevention Command and local police to deliver job readiness programs, vocational training, and individual mentoring to disengaged young people.

“NSW Police and PCYCs have had some great success stories over the past 12 months which we have recently seen profiled on A Current Affair,” Youth Case Manager for the Youth and Crime Prevention Command, Matthew Ellis said. “By engaging with employers we’ve been able to ensure kids are being taught skills that are relevant to local jobs, and by running the right programs we can get young people ready for those jobs that businesses need to fill.”

“Right now we have an opportunity to seek grants from the NSW Government’s Stronger Country Communities Fund” says Ellis. “We are looking to talk to Cessnock employers who could provide letters of support for our application.”

If successful, Cessnock PCYC will run the ‘Fit for Work’ job-readiness, vocational training, and ongoing mentoring program for 15 to 17 year olds, as well as ‘Fit for Life’ that engages young people in physical fitness, nutrition and social engagement.

If your business is interested in providing a letter of support to PCYC’s grant application, please click here, or contact Matthew Ellis at the Youth and Crime Prevention Command at or 0407 212 317.