Published on Jun 13, 2017

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June 2017

From the Chambers

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Cessnock Chamber of Commerce:

Its all about customer service.


Customer-Centricity is about making the customer the centre of your business’ universe – with every product, every touch point and every experience built around their needs and desires.  It’s a powerful idea with a tangible value, yet for many businesses, implementing and maintaining it is easier said than done.  The risks of ignoring customer-centric principles in your business are real: complacent approaches and attitudes will affect the reputation and outcomes of the business, from both existing and potential clients.


Customer loyalty and repeat business isn’t something you can just buy, it has to be earned.  It isn’t a short-sighted approach to increase a one off transaction, it is all about customer lifetime value.


Understanding and catering to the needs of the customer is more valuable than ever before – they are the people who are responsible for your business success.


Regardless of what our business is, we all need to excel at providing a rewarding customer experience, everytime in order to both survive and thrive.


There are quiet a number of local businesses who provide great customer service.  We need to highlight these businesses – to celebrate and share the secrets of their success.  The overall aim should be for Cessnock to be seen by existing and potential customers as a centre of service excellence.


Cessnock Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce our annual customer service awards for 2017 which will culminate in an Awards Night on 1st September 2017.  This is a competition conducted right throughout the Cessnock Local Government Area, where we are seeking out the best individual, team and business providers of consistent customer service from all categories of business.


Further details about this year’s competition will be released shortly.  In the meantime, if you and your business would like to be involved as a sponsor, supporter and advocate for customer service excellence, please contact us for further information and details.


To avoid coming last, you have to put the customer first.