Published on Sep 16, 2019

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The Fair Work Commission has announced changes to both the Restaurant and Wine Industry Awards. The changes relate specifically to the timing of final wages and entitlements after termination, which came into effect on 6 September 2019.

changes to restaurant and wine industry awards for staff termination pay

Restaurant Industry Award changes

Casual employees must be paid all money owed at the end of their final shift.

Part-time or full-time employees must be paid their final wages and all other entitlements within 7 days of termination.


Changes to the Wine Industry Award

Employees that are paid in cash need to receive their final pay and entitlement on their last day of employment.

Employees paid by electronic funds transfer (EFT) must be paid all their pay and entitlements within 7 days of termination.



Termination is when someone stops working for your organisation. This can either be initiated by yourself or the employee, and includes resignation, dismissal and redundancy. Go to the Fair Work Ombudsman’s website for more information on termination and dismissal.



Note – There may also be special rules about paying any accumulated long-service leave. To check, go to NSW Long Service Corporation website.

View the updated rules in clause 27.4 of the Restaurant Industry Award.

View the updated rules in clause 26.3 of the Wine Industry Award.

Go here for more information on the Modern Award Review.



Also don’t forget that the changeover to the Single Touch Payroll (STP) system for small and micro businesses is now in effect. For more information on STP revisit this article.