Published on Dec 19, 2017

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Christmas tips for your peace of mind



With the Christmas season around the corner there is plenty for business owners to remember. These Christmas tips will help you enjoy the season without worry.


It’s bonus time:

Giving something back to employees in a cash bonus or gift is a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work and loyalty. Just remember to check with your accountant about how much you can give before fringe benefits tax becomes applicable.


Spreading Christmas cheer:

Be a responsible boss. Christmas parties can be great fun, but cover yourself and your employees by ensuring that you not only have a drinking policy, but that your employees understand your drinking policy. If employees plan to enjoy a drink or three, make sure everyone has designated drivers, or call taxis to ensure everyone makes it home safely.


Stay security smart:

  • Christmas is just like any other time of year when it comes to hacking, identity theft or ransom-ware scams. Ensure you are backing-up absolutely everything you should on a daily basis, and store your backups off-site in a secure location. If you aren’t already using the cloud for business activities such as accounts and payroll, put it in your ‘2018 business New Year’s resolutions’ list.
  • Don’t make it easy for thieves; keep your travel plans off social media if you plan to shut down on Christmas day or over the holiday period.
  • Assess your security system. Is it adequate? Do you have an alarm? Have just you made your security cameras redundant by covering them with all that Christmas bunting?
  • If you take payments online make sure you have excellent security to protect your customers from identity theft or credit card fraud.

Just in case . . .

  • Don’t let insufficient insurance crimp your Christmas style. Take the time to assess your business insurance policy against your business needs, and make sure they match for a worry-free holiday period.
  • A tipsy slip at the Christmas party can take all the fun out of Christmas for everyone, so make sure all your employees are covered for workers compensation.
  • Finally, if you are self-employed, consider personal accident and illness insurance.