Combine colour and marketing and get sales

Published on Jan 30, 2018

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Combine colour and marketing and get sales


Increase your sales and services with a bit of creative colouring.


Remember the old ‘red spot’ advertising in newspapers, the affordable alternative to a full-colour advert? Logos, brands, advertisements and banners have used colour since print first started to catch our attention.


Colour isn’t merely an attention-getter. It can affect how shoppers react to your product or website.


Colour choices are based on our perception of appropriateness between a product or an image, and its colour. The relationship between food and colour is one way to illustrate this relationship; green mash potato might taste just as great, but looks completely unappealing.


While it is impossible to guarantee results by choosing specific colours, after all we each have unique associations with different colours; a  there are general trends for colour responses that can make a difference when making choices around activities like product display, social media posts and advertising.


So, what are the colours that work best? Hubspot’s psychology of colour included a quick colour test on a ‘call to action’ (CTA) button and found that a red CTA button was 21% more likely to be clicked than a green CTA button.


Hubspot also found that orange and yellow are more likely to be associated with cheapness while black and blue are not.


Colours can convey confidence in a product. Chemists and health products use green in their branding because green is associated with naturalness, youth and health, although wearing green swimwear in Indonesia is just thought to be asking for bad luck!


Red is a common colour in fast food advertising, thought to increase appetite (think McDonalds, Red Rooster and KFC).


Blue is probably the safest colour choice you can make, from sky blue for baby products to the serious darker blues for a corporate logo. It’s also fairly positively received around the globe, according to Shutterstock.


Next time you post a sale or new stock on social media, give some thought to how the colours may affect your customer’s choices.