Published on Aug 30, 2016

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Good Customer Service is essential to retaining loyal customers, increasing sales and keeping you in business longer than your competitors.

Research has shown that good customer service is key to building good customer relationships. Good customer relationships promote return business and increase transaction value. These are vital underpinnings for a strong local and visitor economy.

So, if we all know how important customer service is… why do so many businesses get it wrong?

Ask yourself the following questions for a quick 8 step report card in customer service:

  1. I smile for every customer at every interaction -in person and even on the phone – True/False
  2. I treat each customer as if they are my only customer for the day  – True/False
  3. A customer’s expectations must not only be met but exceeded – True/False
  4. I like to see my business, products and service through a customer’s perspective – True/False
  5. I’m happy to share my personal issues or let my mood affect my customer service – True/False
  6. I refuse to share my personal issues or let my mood affect my customer service – True/False
  7. A complaint is an opportunity to improve my business – True/False
  8. If I don’t have a customer – I won’t have a business – True/False

Customer Service Awards

Cessnock Chamber of Commerce will hold its annual Customer Service Awards on 2 September 2016.

Employees from around the region have been nominated for Customer Service and will be recognised for their efforts. Now in its sixth year, the Cessnock Customer Service Awards celebrates the hardworking people in our LGA across hospitality, retail, trade, professional, community services and business owner categories.

Cessnock City Council is a proud sponsor of the Cessnock Customer Service Awards as it too recognises the importance of front line customer service to the LGA.

Visit to find out more or to book tickets


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