Digital business steadily growing

Published on Nov 8, 2016

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Seventy one percent of Australians purchased goods or services online in the last 12 months with an average spend of $3300.00.

More than 99% of Australians use a computer, laptop or notebook, with smartphones being the most popular of these devices. Many people use more than one device.

Statistics detailing technology adoption and usage trends among Australian consumers and businesses was gathered by Sensis during its Sensis e-Business survey.

The results of the report show that business owners need to stay on the ball when it comes to technology adoption for their business.

Improvements in communication networks and a greater adoption of computers, notebooks and smart phones continues to change the way we do business.

From students to retirees, use of the internet remains high and continues to grow. One hundred percent of students and full-time workers access the internet and a surprising 94% of retirees are also plugging in to the internet.

While 90% of those internet searchers are using a notebook to access the internet, smartphones are used to access the internet 73% of the time.

With mobile devices now used so regularly, optimising a business website for use on smartphones and other mobile devices isan essential business tool. A website that is just too hard to navigate usually results in potential customers moving to a competitor’s site.

The survey showed that 48% of SMBs are using social media, an increase of 17 points. Facebook at 88% is the most utilised of the social media platforms by Australian businesses.

But with all of this online purchasing and social media usage, the surprise is only 19% of online SMEs have a digital business strategy.

Digital Business Strategy tips

A digital business strategy can be incorporated in your business plan, detailing what you want to achieve and which digital technologies will help you achieve your goals.

Like other business costs, you may need to talk to a web developer to work out what will work best for your business, how to go about creating it, and getting customers to use it.

Digital media now affects all aspects of running a business, including customer service, marketing, finance and operations.

For great tips and relevant information on creating your own Digital Business Strategy go to the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science website Digital Business.