Published on Sep 28, 2015

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Gary Vaynerchuck is an American marketing, sales, social media and wine industry innovator. He took a family wine business and turned it into a $60M venture. Gary is a successful public speaker and internet personality who runs a social media-focused digital agency and has been described as “the first wine guru of the YouTube era”.

Obsessed with the social media sphere and boosting sales online, Gary Vaynerchuck believes “the way you make money is by great storytelling” and he stresses that businesses are going wrong by trying to tell stories like it is still 2007.

Gone are the days of a captive advertising audience and spending family time sitting in front of the television.  With so many channels and media outlets available, we increasingly consume only what we want, and only when we want it.  We delete, unsubscribe and remove ourselves from the conversation if it is not relevant to us.

But what does this mean for business?  We know from the recent Cessnock City Business Capability Study that nearly 800 businesses in our LGA have a dedicated website, while others maintain an online presence through social media.

Gary says to get the most out of social media we need to accept social networks are not traditional distribution channels. To really win with social networks we need to focus on context as well as content.

How do we optimise our use of social media for marketing?

Businesses fail to respect the psychology of why people engage on different social media platforms, according to Gary.

He stresses that every time we post on Facebook we don’t need to cover a business objective. However, every time we post we should bring value and authenticity. This is the art and science of storytelling in a social space.

Gary has one point of advice he thinks is often lost in today’s businesses environment: “quality storytelling always wins.”

Attention is the only asset that we need to be paying attention to and if our customers aren’t paying attention, we aren’t getting through.

Get the attention of your followers and make the most of your online efforts

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Watch the video below to hear more about what Gary Vaynerchuk has to say about marketing in the modern age.