Published on Mar 7, 2016

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Does the way we dress influence the level and quality of work we can perform? New research says yes.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported new findings that workers actually achieve more when they wear nicer clothes.

With that in mind, it might be time to set a uniform policy in your workplace.

Studies have shown that dressing in a more corporate fashion such as a suit or blazer can raise an employee’s confidence level and even improve their intellectual thought processes. Not only this, but a well-dressed employee is also perceived to be more professional, of a higher social status and successful.

In a 2014 article the Journal of Experimental Psychology presented findings that suit wearers are more confident and persuasive and less likely to concede during high stake negotiations resulting in more successful business outcomes.

How might this translate for your business? A corporate look could mean:

  • Better sales results
  • Greater results from deals and negotiations
  • Fewer compromises for the business
  • Faith and loyalty in the business from a customerdress
  • Excellent first impressions
  • Staff with greater confidence and self esteem

The science comes down to how we feel when we dress more formally. If we feel powerful we embody that esteem and command our own respect and self-regard. Ultimately, when we look the part, we feel the part and better outcomes follow.

My business isn’t office-based, what can I do?

The dress code correlation doesn’t just apply to corporate office workers. In a casual workplace, the same notion applies. Wear something that looks finished and gives some authority.

Tips for a Casual Workplace:

  • Uniform is pressed and clean
  • No uniform? Dress smarter – dress pants will be received better than jeans
  • Personal grooming is on point
  • Undergarments are appropriate
  • High quality dress shoe and belt or a nice watch
  • Smart accessories – minimise individual flair or gaudiness

Does your workplace have a uniform policy? Do the clothes really make the man (or woman)?  These guys thought so.  Look sharp!