Published on Sep 1, 2020

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NSW Get Healthy at Work has partnered with Love to Ride to launch the local Biketober Business Challenge 2020.

Biketober is a NSW Government initiative that aims to create healthy workplaces and improve the health of working adults in NSW.

During the month of October, Cessnock City Council staff along with many organisations across NSW will have the chance to compete against one another to see who can come out on top and earn the most points by riding their way to victory.

The fun, free cycling challenge encourages workplaces and colleagues to experience the joys and benefits of cycling and is open to everyone who lives and works in NSW.

The aim of the game is to gather the greatest number of participants in your workplace to ride bikes for transport, health and fun.

It will be an even playing field as each organisation is placed into workplace size categories.

Recent events surrounding COVID-19 has seen an increase in renewed energy for cycling as people look for new ways to get their daily dose of exercise.

Bike shops are seeing a spike in new riders, bike rentals from tourists and regulars revisiting the activity as they break down traditional barriers of exercising.

This challenge provides the perfect opportunity for communities to take part in a great initiative – from local, regional and state governments to local advocacy groups to get out and get active together whilst adhering to social distancing rules.

Last year 3798 participants from 392 organisations took part in the challenge: together riding 932,900 kms, a total of more than 23 cycles around the world.

Further information and to sign up to the Biketober challenge can be done so prior to 1 October by visiting the Love to Ride website.