Published on Dec 12, 2017

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Got any bright ideas? Bring them to the CSIRO



Are you a bright-eyed science and technology graduate with a fresh idea? Are you developing early-stage technology? If so, you could get a much-needed financial boost.


The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Innovation Fund was launched in December 2016. The $100 million fund has been initiated as part of the Australian Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda.


The Innovation Fund, operating as Main Sequence Ventures, is aimed toward start-ups and spin-out businesses who are translating publicly funded research into early stage technology opportunities, assisting them to become commercially viable.


The fund is a joint private-government fund aimed at boosting innovation across Australia, helping drive jobs growth and productivity.


Innovation in Australia has traditionally been captured by offshore markets, however the CSIRO hope the Innovation Fund will help Australian ideas stay centred in the local market.


The CSIRO Innovation Fund is managed by an experienced team led by venture capitalist Bill Bartee.


“To ensure the best ideas have the greatest impact, we will back the most ambitious entrepreneurs who want to build important, enduring companies,” Mr Bartee said.


“The Innovation Fund provides a fantastic opportunity to help ideas coming from accelerators and elsewhere realise their potential in the commercial market.”


The Fund has already backed several companies, including a company developing the next Wi-Fi chip and another company focused on developing faster and more affordable cancer diagnosis.


“Our first investments are giving us a great start in backing ambitious entrepreneurs to build important and growing companies,” said Mr Bartee.


With the science and technology sector increasingly set to provide the jobs of the future, investment in Australian innovation is essential.


“Science can drive change across the economy despite global disruption, improve our nation’s health and sustainability and make business globally competitive,” said CSIRO Chief Executive Larry Marshall.


“This is a team Australia effort, with the fund investing in the best ideas across the research community.


This will help Australia better capture the value of science, deliver impact and drive the jobs and industries of the future,” said Dr Marshall.


Visit Innovation fund for more information on how to apply.