Published on Dec 9, 2019

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This year’s Gender Equality Scorecard by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency has found across all industries that men are still taking home, on average, $25,000 more a year than women.

Women are still hitting the glass ceiling at the highest levels. The number of female CEOs has stalled and Australia’s boardroom tables remain dominated by men, an annual report card shows.

The report, which looks at nearly half of Australia’s workplaces, found the pay gap in the health and social assistance sector is at 15.9%.

The new pay data been dubbed “disappointing” by the director of Australia’s gender equality watchdog.

“Women’s promotions and appointments to managerial roles are rising every year,” Agency Director Libby Lyons said.

“Over seven in 10 employers now have policies or strategies to support gender equality or promote flexible working. Action on addressing pay equity continues to grow.”

Libby said more work needed be done to sustain the momentum for change in workplaces.

Australian Bureau of Statistics data in August 2019 put the national pay gap – for public and private sectors – at 14.0% based off annual salaries.

The stand-out result was a substantial increase in employer action on family and domestic violence. There was a 13.3% jump in the number of employers with a policy or strategy on family and domestic violence and an 8.9% increase in employers offering paid domestic violence leave.

This year’s findings also showed a small increase in the representation of women in management but the number of female Chief Executive Officers has not changed, remaining at 17.1% for the second year in a row. Access to paid parental leave improved but more than half of employers offer no paid parental leave.

The data shows in the female-dominated industry of Health Care and Social Assistance, the gender pay gap in favour of men has barely shifted in three years.


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