Published on Aug 3, 2015

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Cessnock City Council wants local food service businesses to get wise on waste.

The Wise on Waste (WoW) project is an opportunity for small to medium enterprises in the food service industry to learn how to save time and money by reducing food waste.

WoW kicks off with an information night on Monday 17 August 2015 and includes ongoing mentoring throughout the project.  Participation in the project is free.

Council’s Environmental and Waste Services Manager Michael Alexander said businesses in New South Wales send more than 400,000 tonnes of food waste into landfill each year.

“We know about three quarters of all waste is created during food preparation or through spoilage,” Mr Alexander said.

“This presents a fantastic opportunity for food service businesses to think about new and innovative approaches to food preparation and ingredient use.

“One of the ways the WoW project aims to reduce waste is by demonstrating practical ways for businesses to get more out of their ingredients.”

Mr Alexander said waste service providers will also play a pivotal role in the project.

“We’re calling on our local waste services contractors to contribute their industry knowledge and expertise to help us develop a brochure detailing waste and recycling services available in the region,” Mr Alexander said.

Mr Alexander said this collaborative approach to tackling waste will deliver more than time, cost and environmental benefits.

“The outcomes of the WoW project and the achievements of its participants will be promoted through a number of channels including Council’s website,” Mr Alexander said.

“It’s also an excellent way for local food and waste services businesses to build their profiles and networks within aligned industries.”

Join the WoW project
There are limited spaces available to participate in the project, so get in quick.

Food service businesses can register for the project by completing this quick online survey and registration form.

Waste service providers can register their interest by completing this registration form.

For more information about the WoW project, visit Council’s website or contact Abigail Bagnall on 0437 107 475 or