Published on Feb 8, 2018

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Help Clean Up Australia!

Make a difference to our community and register your business to participate in Clean Up Australia Day. You can register your business to participate on Tuesday 27 February, or you can register to clean up a site on another day during the year.

The benefits of Clean Up Australia Day last well beyond the day itself. Not only does the event have an immediate effect on the health of the local environment, it also strengthens community bonds and boosts environmental awareness across the community.

Not only will you make a tangible difference to the local environment, you can also use the time as a team-building opportunity. Just two hours on the ground can provide the means to better communication and stronger social cohesion.

Since its inception 27 years ago, Clean Up Australia Day led to the donation of over 32 million hours by Australians. This astonishing level of commitment is in part due to the participation of businesses across Australia in this community event.

Be a leader in the business community and show your commitment to the local community at the same time by registering at Business Registration Clean Up Australia Day or visit Get Involved for more information.

Register by Friday 16 February if you want to Clean Up Australia on Tuesday 27 February.

Download the brochure at Clean Up Australia Day to see how this community event benefits everyone.

Five benefits of community engagement for businesses:

  1. build your business profile; promote your participation in community events, show you care for the community in which you do business
  2. team-building, strengthen working relationships between colleagues and management
  3. employee retention, show the community that your business is stable and a great place to work
  4. meet expectations for social responsibility; an area businesses are increasingly expected to contribute to
  5. just feel good about helping to build a better community.