Five ways to improve website speed and beat competitors

Published on Apr 10, 2018

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Five ways to improve your website speed and beat competitors


If your website takes longer than three seconds to load, you could be losing a large percentage of traffic.


The average mobile landing page takes 22 seconds to load, according to google. Yet 53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile page takes longer than three seconds to load.


With mobile devices increasingly the device of choice for shopping, that is a high percentage of mobile website visits that never see the light of day.


Not only do you lose that potential customer, you give your competitors an easy edge over your business.


If your webpage is slow to load, you need to find ways to make your webpage not just interesting, but fast.


Here are some of the things you can do to improve the odds:

  1. Images take space. The higher quality the image the larger it is, and the longer it will take to load. Reduce the size (ie the quality) of images used on your website, and crop the image where possible to eliminate unnecessary information.
  2. Enable compression of images and text. Called ‘image optimization’, compression reduces the number of bytes on a web page and the time it takes to load. Talk to your web developer about the best way to do this.
  3. Elements like images, flash, style sheets (website layout) and scripts (such as Facebook ‘Like my Page’ boxes) might be necessary for your website, but too many can slow it down. Talk to your webpage developer about how to simplify your webpage design so it uses less elements.
  4. If you have an extensive database of products or services on your website, have a database expert assess your database queries to weed out the clunky time-hungry and inefficient queries that may be slowing down your web page.
  5. Assess your hosting plan. If you have free hosting or a low-quality hosting plan, your site may be slower than it should be on a dedicated hosting plan or a cloud-based hosting plan.


The above are just some of the tips available at Crazy Egg to get your website up to speed.


Visit Test My Site if you want to check your webpage speed. The test takes around a minute to provide you with webpage loading time and an estimate of the percentage of visitors lost due to the loading time.

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