Published on Feb 21, 2018

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Destination NSW has announced a current round of the Incubator Event Fund.

This funding is part of Destination NSW’s (DNSW) Regional Flagship Events Program and focuses on start-up festivals and events to be held in NSW between July and December 2018. The opportunity to apply for this funding program is very tight as application close on Sunday 18th March 2018.


The Incubator Event Fund offers seed funding to events in Regional NSW to support their first and second years of activity. The fund supports innovative events that demonstrate sound organisational planning, have a unique alignment with the character and culture of the local region and which can demonstrate a broad appeal likely to promote tourism and attract overnight visitation.


The Incubator Event Fund offers one-off annual grants of up to $20,000 (excl. GST):

An event may apply for any amount up to and including $20,000 but must be able to provide justification for the amount requested within the context of their budget and event plan.

Fund Criteria

DNSW have a goal to double overnight visitor expenditure. Events that receive funding align to this overarching objective.

To be considered for funding from the Incubator Event Fund, an event must demonstrate that they sufficiently meet the following fund criteria:

Key criteria:
  • Have a sound basis for the event concept that aligns with the character and culture of their local area.
  • Demonstrate a strong appeal to audiences beyond its local area. Note: This fund is not for local-only events, it is for significant attractors.
  • Have a clear event plan detailing the event structure, operational processes and risk management.
  • Have a well-structured and organised event management committee or company with appropriate skills to deliver and market the event.
Secondary criteria:
  • Complement the event landscape for the area
  • Demonstrate sufficient accommodation capacity to attract overnight visitation
  • Have clear strategies for raising the awareness of the event outside its local area
  • Have strategies for measuring visitation and the visitor experience
  • Demonstrate sound financial management in budget planning
  • Have the strong support of the local Council
  • Take place outside the peak tourism period for the area i.e.: during the off-peak or shoulder seasons.

Use of Funds

The Incubator Event Fund offers seed funding for activities that are likely to establish the event as a driver of visitation. Activities for which funding will be offered include, but are not limited to:

  • Venue hire and other costs specific to the event, determined on a case by case basis.
  • Temporary event infrastructure (marquees, stages etc.) that is likely to improve the visitor experience.
  • Marketing and promotions.
  • Marketing, PR and digital specialist or consultancy fees subject to Destination NSW approval of a brief.
  • Brand design and development.
  • Attendee research.

Destination NSW funding is intended to supplement existing expenditure and support the event to deliver a superior visitor experience or raise its profile outside of its immediate area.

Incubator Event Fund monies must not be used:

  • As prize money, gifts or contributions to charitable groups. (Where some event proceeds go to charity, evidence will be required to show adequate funds are retained for the ongoing operation of the event);
  • For local Council fees; or
  • For travel expenses, staff costs and salaries or general administration costs.

Destination Sydney Surrounds North would like to see as many applications be submitted from this great region as possible. More information on the funding program can be found on the DNSW website Incubator Event Fund.



Fund Administration

Co-ordinator, Regional Flagship Events
Aida Hijazi
GPO Box 7050
Sydney NSW 2001
P: 02 9931 1431
M: 0419 903 701
Manager, Regional Event Development
Phil Ventham
GPO Box 7050
Sydney NSW 2001
P: 02 9931 1181
M: 0428 385 748 E:

Destination Network Contact:

Sydney Surrounds North:
Glenn Caldwell
M: 0408 567 088