Published on Jan 25, 2016

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What is your insurance policy to make sure your customers don’t stray in 2016?

There is one simple thing you can do to keep your customers.  It is free, makes your staff feel good and delights your customers – helping them spend more dollars with you where it counts.

Need a hint?   It starts with ‘C’ and ends with ‘ustomer service’!

We all think we give good customer service.  But do we really?

Do your staff just rattle the lines off because it’s expected?  Does your “have a nice day” come across as sincere, have extended eye contact and a genuine smile?  Maybe only regular customers get a sincere smile.  Are you there when your customer needs you?Losing customers is never good news

Economic Development Manager Jane Holdsworth urges small businesses to give themselves a competitive advantage by out-servicing their competitors.

“You’re in business for one reason only – to get a customer and to keep that customer coming back,” Ms Holdsworth said.

“It costs nothing to smile, to develop positive relationships and to go the extra mile for your customer.”

Do your customers walk away and tell five people how wonderful your business is?  According to Ms Holdsworth, they should.

“Delighted customers will support you to become a profitable business – it’s that simple”.

Make customer service your number one goal in 2016.

Customer service tips to get the most out of 2016

  • Mystery shop your business to see how customers are actually greeted and treated.
  • Park somewhere different and approach your business.  Does your shop front look vibrant, open and welcoming?  Can your customers get a carpark?  Are your displays and /or website promoting sales?  What can be improved?
  • Re-examine how your business answers the phone.   Is it friendly, is there a smile in the voice or are you making the customer wait or feel like they have to apologise for calling at an inconvenient time.
  • Invest in your staff by offering them opportunities to learn.   Free and low cost training courses are regularly available through the Hunter Region BEC, The Business Centre and Advance Cessnock City.

Check out the events calendar for more information on training and courses.

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