Published on Jun 6, 2017

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Right now, millennials are the largest generation in Australia. Does your management style reflect that?


This emerging generation are more likely than previous generations to want to work for a company whose values align to their own.


With 4.9 million Australians classified a Millennial aged 17-36, the workplace will soon depend on this generation, but will they want to work for you?


Don’t be just another bird in the flock! Stand out from the crowd.



Organisational culture, values, leadership and management style are all important for employees. It can be the difference in going to work, enjoying their work and feeling intrinsically motivated to work harder.


A generational shift has also seen a shift in the way companies are doing business. Millennials are socially and environmentally conscious and preference for social values extends through to a preference for a more inclusive management style, according to Deloitte.


Millennials are known to support business leaders who include the underdog. They also prefer plain language, and don’t respond well to jargon or dazzle.


We have already seen changes in the way big business approaches management. Companies like Google and other tech companies have led the way, but over time changes will be taken up by medium and small businesses.


Management change can be daunting. For many small and medium business owners it can be difficult to see the value in new business strategies like collaborative management.


However, sharing ideas can open up avenues for your business that you may not have considered. Involving your employees can also lead to greater job retention. We all know how vital good employees are to our businesses!


Understanding how millennials think and the challenges they face are important, not just for business, but for the future growth of our community.