Published on Jul 18, 2017

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Ready or not, here we come


Millennials are a hot topic at the moment, for the good reason that in just a few years, they will dominate the workforce. If you run a business, this is a key point to remember.

Millennials have grown up in an era where we adopted digital technology. Across the board millennials are highly social, highly connected and globally oriented.

The connectivity that we take for granted, and our access to information around the globe 24/7 has shaped the millennial generation in ways you may not consider.

For the business community, these trends are vital to understand.

The tendency toward digital connectivity has meant that while millennials are highly connected, many struggle to communicate effectively face-to-face.  Digital communication doesn’t necessarily create an environment where people of this generation can acquire skills like conflict management, negotiating differences, or learning to work effectively with people that they may not like.

The tendency to skim information and know a little about a lot of topics means that millennials tend to have a shorter attention span. The quantity of digital information means this generation often don’t have the attention span and patience to acquire a skill that has not already been nurtured. That makes training millennial employees a challenge for businesses, but a challenge that is necessary.

It is worth it for businesses to invest in the next generation of employees. Millennials are contributing to the way we do business. They tend to be collaborative, team oriented and interested in contributing to their workplace. The ability to adapt to technological change means that millennial have embraced working remotely, and that can mean a reduction in business costs for employees who are able to take this type of work structure on board.

Millennials also tend to want jobs where they can learn and grow. They tend to be interested in their own development, and that can only be good for the businesses they work for.

If you want to benefit from the ethos of this generation, don’t tune out when you hear the term ‘millennial’ or Gen Y. This generation is making an enormous impact on the way we do business and the way we consume services and goods. It pays to understand how you can adapt to the world they are shaping.