Published on Jun 6, 2017

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Millennials Workshop – takeaways and photos!

To assist the business community in Cessnock gain a greater understanding of millennials, the Cessnock City Council Economic Development Unit ran a free workshop on Tuesday May 23rd at the Cessnock Leagues Club.

Claire Madden, a communications and leadership social research expert, gave attendees a fascinating insight into just how different the millennial generation are to the generations that preceded them.

Some of the take-away points that Claire spoke about include:

  • The digital culture isn’t something that millennials connect to for just an hour a day. They don’t just check Facebook and then put their phones down and disconnect. A large proportion of millennials are always connected. That constant connection affects the way they engage with other people, their social skills and the way that they learn.
  • The stream of information available to millennials is overwhelming. Claire pointed out that over 100 hours of content is uploaded to YouTube every minute.
  • As a result of the inundation of information, Millennials read in short bursts, rely on YouTube or other video platforms, and scan Facebook for news. Connectivity is so embedded in many millennials lives that disconnecting affects every aspect of their lives: their relationships with friends, how they buy products and how they network in their working worlds.
  • This means millennials are taking in a limited amount of information over a wide variety of topics. They tend not to learn in depth. Millennials realise information changes so rapidly that in-depth learning for the future can be considered counter-productive. It takes time and may not be useful. They feel they are better finding out what they need to know as they need to know it. They can just Google it.
  • Not only do millennials find information out, they expect to be able to contribute to the information available. Wiki is the perfect example of a user-generated information platform. Who among us hasn’t wiki’d something every once in a while?
  • Millennials are also, to date, the most highly educated generation in Australia. Fifty nine per cent of this population have a post-school qualification. Surprisingly, millennials are also quite aware of who they are and the limitations of the lifestyle they live.
  • However with 40% of jobs automated in the next fifteen years, finding a stable job is no longer on the cards for millennials. It is estimated on average, millennials will have five careers over the course of their lives, changing jobs an average of 16 times.

This is a generation facing challenges in the workforce not experienced by previous generations such as Baby Boomers or Gen X. Understanding what those challenges are and why they exist is the first step in getting to grips on a changing business world.

The workshop was proudly sponsored by the Office of Regional Development, NSW Government Premier and Cabinet.

Claire provides workshops and courses about millennials and Gen Z. Find out more at Claire Madden.

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