Published on Nov 1, 2016

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Building and maintaining a business is a challenging task. You need to be tenacious, persistent, innovative and quick to adapt.

To build a great business requires communication, not just with your clients, but with the wider business community.

Do your business relationships allow you to:

  • to ask a favour when in need?
  • to find out where to get the best quality supplies for less?
  • to call when you need to learn about new technology or industry changes?
  • to seek advice or help to enter new ventures such as exporting?

Building great business relationships in a tightly knit community like the Cessnock region is central to seeing your business grow and flourish. And with the business landscape and advances in technology changing the way we do business, staying abreast of developments is easier when you have a strong business network.

By meeting and keeping in contact with other business owners and managers you can develop your business ideas, reach new customers, identify gaps in the market and grow your businesses together.

Some of the benefits of networking are:

  • Raising your profile can lead to client referrals and leads, supplier contacts and joint ventures
  • Advice from industry peers, competitors, suppliers and other stakeholders such as Council
  • Increased confidence to approach people who may be able to help your business grow
  • Opens the door to other business opportunities
  • Offers a wealth of advice to offer start-ups and new enterprises

invitation-cessnock2Advance Cessnock City Business Network Function – 8 November 2016

Don’t miss this opportunity to talk to industry peers at the next Advance Cessnock Business Network function, held at the Hunter Valley Visitor Centre at 5.30pm 8 November 2016.

As well as the opportunity to meet our newly elected Councillors, you will be brought up to date on developments and progress on the Cessnock LGA Gap Analysis, the Business Investment Attraction program and the Youth First initiative.

We invite you to come and meet our young people who are completing our youth employment program and learn how you can help solve the community crisis.

Register to attend , or contact the Economic Development Unit at for further information.