Published on Dec 15, 2020

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As of Monday 7 December, many businesses across the Cessnock Local Government Area (LGA) have embraced a new-found freedom after almost a year of imposed restrictions.

Residents and businesses are enjoying benefits of increased capacity in venues, stadiums and theatres and greater numbers at outdoor gatherings and events as COVID-related restrictions are further eased.

The one person per four square metre rule has been replaced by one person per two square meters in venues, except gyms and nightclubs.

The further eased restrictions are welcomed by the visitor economy, particularly the business events sector. It is expected to make a big difference and provide a real boost of jobs within the industry.

Changes to be aware of include:

  • Hospitality venues, retail and places of worship: one person per two square metres (except gyms and nightclubs)
  • Outdoor stadiums: 100 per cent seated capacity, one person per two square metres for unstructured seating areas
  • Indoor stadiums/theatres: 75 per cent seated capacity
  • Outdoor gatherings:
  • Up to 100 people
  • Up to 5000 people for outdoor events that are fenced, ticketed and seated (subject to one person per two square metres compliance)
  • Up to 3000 people for other organised outdoor events (subject to one person per two square metres compliance)
  • Maximum capacity caps removed, one person per two square metres rule applies for bookings at hospitality venues, weddings, funerals, regional agricultural shows, corporate events and religious services.

For more information and to stay up to date about NSW Health advice and restrictions visit: