Published on Dec 6, 2016

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Petty crimes and theft are a real threat to doing business in any region in the world. The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science offer several solutions to business that can help support crime prevention.


Whilst the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research reports that Cessnock local government area experiences higher than average incidents of theft, and malicious damage to property; the good news is the rates aren’t increasing. In fact in Cessnock LGA, incidences of malicious damage to property were down 10 percent per year over 3 years to June 2016.


To further curb crime, your business can adopt tactics reinforced by NSW Police:


Crime Prevention tactics
  • Ensure your place of business has solid construction and limited entryways restricting unauthorised access.
  • Ensure glass doors and windows are reinforced with shatter resistant film
  • Fit doors with quality dead locks that comply with Australian building and fire codes.
  • Large windows can create a false sense of surveillance, with a feeling of ‘being watched’
  • Install CCTV and motion sensor lighting and display signage to warn intruders about security features you have in placecctv

Choosing a business location within a mixed use precinct can benefit from day and night community surveillance. e.g. Having retail located next to evening dining options or a 24 hour gym.



Research by Security and Crime Science at UCL showed improved street lighting can reduce crime by 21 percent and creating a sense of natural surveillance can also prove a successful intervention.


UCL’s review of CCTV surveillance showed it was effective at reducing vehicular crimes, but did not prevent violence or assault.


The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science says video surveillance for business can:

  • discourage criminal activity
  • provide extra security
  • ensure the safety of your employees and customers
  • increase employee productivity and job performance.


The Department suggest you inform your staff in writing if any surveillance has been installed, including information on how they can uphold your business’ privacy obligations.


CCTV and cameras should be clearly visible and signage should be displayed at every entrance to inform the public.


More information:

Visit the NSW Police for more information on crime prevention for business.


If you’re going to use video surveillance, find out more about privacy laws on the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner website. To find out more about surveillance in your business, please visit the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.


For more information on recorded crimes in your area please contact the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research.