Published on Nov 7, 2017

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Show me to my dressing room! Why you should pay a professional.

The money you saved in DIY photography or design could cost you the profits you might have generated if you had hired the professional!


Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer famously proclaimed that there “is no such thing really as professional photographers” referring to the dominance of image based social media platforms such as Flickr. However, for better business outcomes, it might not be enough to be just a business owner with a great camera and a hobby.

In 2017 the technology available to us means that everyone is an amateur photographer, everyone can be a graphic and website designer or even a desktop publisher. The larger question is …should they be?

There is a collective range of differences between being competent at a specialisation and being able to generate high quality work. Marketing and visual semiotics is a skill that marketing professionals use to construct communications with real resonance with your customer, driving them to buy more.

Whilst the growth of online platforms such as Canva are allowing businesses to generate high quality graphics for free, there will still be the need for a highly skilled graphic designer to perform more specialised print work and create professional and sharper looking media that truly speaks to your customer.

For instance, professional photography has been shown to sell more hotel rooms. Airbnb have established, “hosts with professional photography are booked 2.5 times more frequently than those without and these hosts bring in $1,025 per month on average.”

Airbnb transformed mediocre host images with the help of paid, professional photography as shown below:


Visitors to regions such as the Hunter Valley have high expectations of what they are booking, and what they in terms of tourist accommodation and product. As demonstrated by Airbnb, if you want those extra few conversions, professional photography is worth investing in.


Real estate is another example of where a paid professional can create superior market appetite for a property:

Professional shoots and graphic designers might cost hundreds of dollars yet should be seen as an investment for your business.

Whether your business is in food, tourism, real estate, retail or even trades and services; hiring a professional makes your business look professional. Not only will engaging a professional generate better leads for your business, the cost is tax deductible and you can drive third party referrals.

Increase your return on investment by:
  • Developing a professional website that ties in consistently with your social media suite.
  • Hire a professional photographer to photograph your products and aspects of your business, remembering images featuring people get better engagement.
  • Invest time and expertise in developing good copywriting. Quality ad copy sells, compelling content and calls to actions will result in conversions.
  • Blend home-grown content (photos and media) with professionally finished content across your channels (Check out Canva).