Published on Mar 13, 2018

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Pizazz undertakes their Skills Audit Survey in Cessnock.

Council proactively addressing skills shortages


Cessnock City Council is taking a strategic approach to training needs and skill shortages in the local government area with the Cessnock City Skills Audit underway.


Local businesses are being asked to partake in a survey and inform Council about the skill shortages they experience when operating their business. Over 400 business have participated so far, the goal is to get to well over 1000 businesses to complete the survey.


Cessnock City Mayor, Councillor Bob Pynsent encouraged businesses to ensure they support the initiative by completing a survey.

“This is the first step of a very exciting and important project for our local economy. All information collected from these surveys will be analysed and used to inform future training programs, as well as drive future initiatives that support businesses and more importantly – sustain local jobs.”


Council will be working alongside training and education providers, chambers of commerce and businesses to establish training programs that directly address local skill shortages identified in the survey. These programs will target groups in our community facing higher barriers to employment including unemployed residents, youth, indigenous persons or people living with a disability.  The program will also identify how governments, training bodies and institutions can return value to businesses by planning and providing programs to develop a future workforce with specific attributes required by businesses.


“The connection between businesses and the tertiary education sector is the missing link. This is not only a local matter, the separation of training outputs and business workforce needs is an internationally recognised issue”.


Mayor Pynsent said the benefits of addressing training needs will be felt across the entire business community.


“We are taking a holistic approach to economic development in our local economy, constantly looking at ways to remove barriers to growth of business and remove barriers to unemployment.”


To find out more on the Cessnock City Skills Audit, please contact Economic Development Manager Jane Holdsworth on 02 4993 4257 or access the survey online.


More information:

Self-employed, partnership or a sole trader? Please complete as much of the survey as is relevant to your business, listing just one employee (or as many as is appropriate). You may not have any skills shortages or recruitment issues, however your data is meaningful and can be used towards attracting more regional funding, support or programs by the State and Federal governments.
You do not wish to participate in the study? Please email so we can make a file note and stop correspondence relating to the study.


Economic Development Unit and Skills Survey team update Mayor Bob Pynsent and General Manager Stephen Glen on the study.