Published on May 25, 2020

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Did you know that patio heaters are the top trending retail Google search for this month in NSW and nationwide?

Would you love to understand the fast-rising retail categories and how you can use this to your business’ advantage?

While we all know COVID-19 is presenting new challenges to businesses, having access to insightful data around sector trends is more important than ever.

Google has developed a new ‘Rising Retail Categories’ tool to assist businesses in making informed decisions around the swiftly changing consumer behaviour amongst the coronavirus pandemic.

Through this tool, businesses will have access to data including rising interests and needs that consumers are searching during COVID-19.

The tool will allow for businesses to best adapt and enhance their business model to meet the needs of their customers with greater insights, tools, and measurements.

Data is updated daily and focuses on retail categories in Google search to provide insights for businesses for the duration of the pandemic.

Not only will businesses have access to fast-rising retail categories, they will also be able to search on the locations of growth and the queries associated with them.

The data collection is gathered from retail categories in Google search based on keywords and phrases people use to describe what they are searching for.

If you are a small business struggling with the changes brought on by the pandemic this may be the tool to use to rebuild your marketing essentials.

In addition to the Raising Retail Categories tool, Google have put together a suite of resources to assist your business through COVID-19.  Pivot your business here and Think with Google.

Check out the latest Google Search trends and insights for retail here Think with Google – Category Trends  and see how people are searching for a topic, you will be surprised.

Remaining flexible in doing business in this day in age is key, use this time to re-evaluate, innovate, implement new strategies, and connect with new customers or re-connect with existing.