Published on Nov 28, 2017

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Tourism spending up!

Domestic tourism spending across Australia increased a respectable 6% from last year. This equates to an extra $6.9 billion spent across the industry, bringing the total spend up to $122.9 billion for the year ending June 2017.


Austrade suggest growth in international travellers, along with an increase in the domestic day-trip spend, are the main reasons behind the increase. Domestic day-trip spending actually increased in 3% despite the actual number of day-trips remaining the same as the previous year, at 188 million.


Austrade revealed that ‘overnight spends’ were up 7% from the previous year to give a total of $62.6 billion nationally. The bulk of this spending was due to holiday travel and visits to family and friends.


New South Wales took the lion’s share of tourism spending, although we shared almost half the total tourism spend with Victoria. NSW received $10.1 billion of the international travel spend, while Victoria received $7.5 billion. NSW took $17.2 billion of domestic overnight spending, while Queensland took $15.4 billion. NSW experienced a 7% growth in tourism spending from the previous year, while surprisingly, smaller states like Tasmania (24%) and the ACT (16%) finished ahead of the other states in growth.


People aged 45 and over were the group with the most growth, taking 5% more holiday trips, and spending more (on average) than under 45s. The increase came from 45 and overs taking longer holidays than under 45s.


Hotels, motels and resorts experienced strong growth in tourism spend, with a 6% increase to 85.4 million visits. Luxury accommodation jumped 14% to 31.6 million visits.



The way people are travelling has impacted tourism growth in overnight trips. People travelling alone increased by 10%, typically travelling for business or travelling to visit friends and relatives (VFR), while adults travelling as couples increased by 7%, mostly in the holiday market. People travelling as family groups experienced the least growth at 3%.


Spending for these groups in overnight domestic travel was highest for adult couples, who spend 11% more than last year, and family groups, who spend 11% more than last year.  Solo travellers and those travelling with friends and relatives spent the least amount on overnight trips.

Data Source: Austrade