Published on Aug 18, 2020

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It would be an understatement to say, that it has been an extremely tough time for the tourism industry in recent months.

With cancellations, travel restrictions and lockdowns there has been a sudden inactivity and unexpected losses within the travel sector due to the current pandemic.

However, local tourism operators have shown a spirited come back with the easing of restrictions, welcoming holiday makers to once again explore, stay and experience regional NSW and the Hunter Valley.

After many months in lockdown people are reevaluating the importance of work life balance and connection with family.

Travel provides the perfect opportunity to reconnect with one another, outdoors, nature and heightens the interests for a sense of adventure.

If you are dreaming about your next getaway however are hesitant to take that long distant trip, why not enjoy the local delights right at your fingertips?

The Hunter Valley region has many unique experiences and iconic locations that locals may not have had a chance to explore.

With our current environment it is important to be mindful of simple and safe ways to create a lasting impact for our tourism businesses.

Here are some suggestions you can do to assist businesses and regional economies to rebuild and recover:

  1. Stay longer and turn a day trip into an overnight stay? Staying longer means more time spent on enjoying meals, activities and injecting cash into the local economy.
  2. Gift an experience, this is a very simple yet effective way to support tourism operators.
  3. Share the love and your experience! This will motivate and inspire others to plan their dream trip too.
  4. Be inspired by future travel. Interact with tourism operators and educated yourself to maximise your precious holiday time.

Restrictions on travel has allowed us to appreciate what we have in our own backyard, with domestic holiday destinations quickly making it to the top of the bucket list.