Published on Jun 14, 2016

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Council has engaged Architects and Urban Designers, CM+, to develop a Public Domain Plan and Development Control Plan to revitalise the streets, parks, and public spaces within the Cessnock Commercial Precinct.Vincent St Cessnock

Attractive and well-planned streetscapes and public spaces have the capacity to deliver real economic value.  Opportunities for improved retail performance, increased safety and better pedestrian infrastructure can all be realised by taking a strategic approach to planning commercial precincts and public spaces.

Independent policy advisor Simon White says the role of streetscapes in economic development strategy has gained greater attention in recent years for the strategic role they play “in directing the movement of people and stimulating business and employment”.

Mr White adds streetscape improvement “can make the local environment more inviting, healthy, enjoyable, safe, and interesting, but it can also connect disparate parts of a city or town.

“Streetscapes can be improved to change the patterns of economic activity, stimulate new investments and enhance new opportunities.”

Research released by Future of Places revealed real estate values also benefit from attractive public spaces.  Improved pedestrian access has been shown to increase annual office and retail rents by up to $90 per square metre per annum, while parks and green space can deliver increases in property values of up to 16 per cent.

Have your say

Input from local businesses into the development of these plans is important. You can have your say by completing a short survey here or attending our community workshop on Tuesday 28 June from 5:30 to 7:30pm at Council Chambers.

To register for the workshop, or to find out more about the project, contact Council’s Strategic Land Use Planning team on 4993 4183, e-mail nominating your attendance to the upcoming workshop, or visit our website at

If you can’t make the workshop, we’ll also be surveying businesses within the Precinct on Friday 17 June.ironbarkimaging-CCC-1