Published on Oct 14, 2019

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If you are an accommodation provider, restaurant owner, retailer or tourism operator, the NSW Government wants to hear from you. They are conducting an online survey which they hope will give them insights into the sector.

The survey is part of the NSW Government’s Visitor Economy Index (VEX) – an initiative of the Visitor Economy Industry Action Plan 2030 (VEIAP). This provides insights into the overall performance of the State’s visitor economy.


Minister for Tourism Stuart Ayres said operators and providers right across the NSW tourism industry are instrumental to the State’s success.


“Tourism has grown significantly throughout NSW over the past decade and that is largely due to the collective efforts of those who are on-the-ground and see the workings of our industry day in and day out,” Mr Ayres said.


“It’s why the industry sentiment survey is so important and why we want to hear from as many voices as possible.”


“The industry sentiment survey forms a key part of the Visitor Economy Index, which is crucial in not only seeing where our tourism industry has excelled, but also pinpointing areas we can bolster and focus our attention on,” added Mr Ayres.




The survey will be online until 18 October 2019 and can be accessed here.


The results of the VEX will be released later this year.