Opportunities For The Supply Of Goods & Services

The Economic Gap Analysis conducted in 2015 by Council’s Economic Development unit identified products and services that local businesses are purchasing from outside of Cessnock City.

These products and services can offer business to business opportunities for:

  1. Local businesses to diversify their merchandise and/or service mix to provide some of these goods and services, and/or:
  2. For external businesses that supply these services to relocate to or establish outlets within Cessnock City.

Building, Construction & Property 

Services: Architecture / design , geotechnical, Trades people/subcontractors, Fire protection, Building repairs and maintenance, pest control

Building Materials: General, hardware, tools, timber, tiles and tiling supplies, roofing, guttering, plasterboard/gyprock, flooring, bricks, pavers, masonry, concrete/concrete supplies,   Plumbers / plumbing supplies, pipes, electrical supplies, glass – general, paints/inks, air conditioning, fencing, shop fittings

Landscaping and Gardening: Plants, seeds, fertiliser, gardening, landscaping

Quarry Products: Gravel / road base / aggregate / ballast, sand, sandstone

CESSNOCK 0314 4439

Food & Beverage

Food: Meat, meat direct from producer, processed meats, seafood, raw honey, Fresh food and vegetables, olives, preserves, Milk and dairy products, cheese, Flour, baking goods, bread / baked items, General, dry store, gourmet, groceries for on-sell, processed foods, vitamins / supplements, Frozen foods,  Confectionary

Beverage: Alcoholic: all, beer, wine, spirits, Non-alcoholic:  all, soft drink, fruit juice, tea / coffee & coffee beans,

Brewing supplies: equipment & products

Wine Making: Grapes, barrels, bottles, chemicals, equipment

Catering: Catering services

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Metal Products for Construction and Fabrication

Fabricated: Prefabricated

Metal: All, steel

Cutting Metal

Automotive / Mechanical / Transport

Automotive: Parts and accessories, servicing and maintenance, fuel and lubricants, tyres and wheels

Heavy Plant & Machinery: Parts

Repair & Maintenance: Servicing and maintenance for heavy vehicles and machinery, farming equipment, lawn mowing equipment

Transport – freight & hire: Freight services and logistics, postal services – Bus and fork lift hire

CESSNOCK 0314 3170

Machinery & Equipment

Cleaning: Cleaning

Manufacturing & Processing: Filters, food processing, machinery parts & tools, metal bearings, sewing / tailoring machinery, specialised fabrication

Agricultural: Clippers, blades, tools & machinery

Safety / Security: Emergency, safety

Recreational: Golf equipment, gym/fitness equipment

Retail: Retail

Other: Event hire equipment, lawn mowing

Coffee Worker

Computer, IT, Communications, Print, Creative

Computers: Computers, software, hardware, accessories, USB, discs, external hard-drives, Support, systems design, software development

Internet / On-line: Internet / broadband services, website hosting and publishing

Design: Graphic design

Equipment: Audio Visual

Services: Telephone, computer repairs

Photography / Video: Equipment / hardware, supplies, professional photography,

Printing / Publishing: Printing & publishing



Medical: Supplies, medications / pharmaceuticals, equipment, physiotherapy aids & equipment, dental supplies & repairs

Financial: Accounting, banking, finance, brokering services, bookkeeping, auditor, insurance

Training: Training & professional development all , staff training

Business: Administration, advertising, recruitment, contracts / document preparation, waste removal

Research: Scientific research & testing, market research

Cleaning: Cleaning, laundry, dry cleaning

Repairs & Maintenance: All, cleaning equipment, food grade equipment, machines & trade tools, sewing & sporting equipment

Utilities: General, electricity, gas, water & sewer

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Chemicals: Farm, wine making, pest control

Cleaning: Cleaning products

Hair & Beauty: Hair products, chemicals, beauty products, skin care, toiletries, massage, essential oils, guest supplies for accommodation properties

Funeral: Coffins, Internment Urns

Office: General stationary, office supplies, arts supplies, ink/printer cartridges

Packaging: Packaging for products, packaging of products, takeaway food packaging, labels

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Animals and Livestock

Equine & Pets: Supplies

Feed: Livestock / Grain / Hay, pet food

Veterinary: General



Other – Main Items

Apparel & Accessories: Clothing, footwear, jewellery / watches, uniforms and workwear , sports apparel and equipment

Homewares / Furniture /  Accommodation Supplies: Bedding and linen, rugs, crockery & cutlery, furniture and furnishings, guest supplies, towels), wine and beer glasses, giftware

CCC 0618 LMD4551

Read more on business purchasing and supply chain opportunities in our Gap Analysis Report from 2015-16 in our Resources section.