Published on Dec 14, 2015

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Australians will spend an average of $1,079 this Christmas on gifts, food and celebrations.  

But, did you know making the decision to spend just $100 within the Cessnock LGA has the potential to add 57 jobs to our local economy?  That’s the finding of economic modelling done by Council’s Economic Development Unit.

With more than 400 retail businesses across the LGA a $100 local spend is easy to achieve and also pays it forward for our region according to Council’s Economic Development Manager Jane Holdsworth.

“Although you might not be conscious of it, buying local this Christmas will have a direct impact on the viability of our region’s economy,” Ms Holdsworth said.

“When you make the choice to buy your Christmas ham from the local butcher in Branxton, what you are actually doing is supporting a job outcome for your child’s future.

“When you buy your new lawn mower from the hardware store in Kurri Kurri, in effect you are supporting a small business owner to provide local employment opportunities.

“When you find that one of a kind gift on Cessnock’s main street, you are putting money back into the retail sector and contributing to a vibrant and sustainable CBD.”

Ms Holdsworth said she’d like to challenge the business community to support each other this holiday season, and work together to make the economic modelling done by Council a reality.

“I’d like to see the accountants and hairdressers and doctors—all the local business operators in the LGA, not just retailers—take the challenge to spend at least $100 in the LGA this Christmas,” Ms Holdsworth said.

“We really need to start hammering home the message that a strong local economy with good employment prospects now and into the future does not happen in isolation or without the support of the businesses and residents within it.

“All sectors have to work together, utilise local supply chains and take advantage of the innovation and knowledge capital we have within our LGA instead of looking outside for it.”

The benefits of buying local extend to everyone, not just businesses said Ms Holdsworth.

“Staying in the LGA saves petrol and you don’t have to battle the big crowds or spend half an hour trying to find a parking space that will cost you an arm and a leg,” Ms Holdsworth said.

“A little Christmas cheer spread locally this year has the potential to reverberate in impactful ways for our whole community, especially our youth, for years to come.”

Curious about how your $100 helps create jobs?  Check out our infographic to see how it works!

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