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If you require promotional material; still and moving images for your portfolio; Marie and her team
offer their professionalism, expertise and enthusiasm to any project they lay their creative hands on.

Marie’s passion for film and photography came at an early age as a little girl who experienced growing up surrounded by classical art museums, fashions houses and iconic monuments like Eiffel Tower and the Bastille.

About 14 years ago Marie had decided to take a leap of faith and moved to Sydney, Australia where she crafted her business Demophoon.

Now Marie and her team have their sights set on the picturesque Hunter Valley Region where Demophoon have a photographic studio in Weston.

Demophoon offer their creative photographic and cinematography expertise in corporate, events, interviews and media content.

Demophoon creates and produces immersive stories for the VR platforms and is involved in all forms of marketing in the Art World

Marie says ‘As a film maker and photographer I would like this region to grow with character, keeping and developing the old historic villages around.’

‘I would love to picture this correlation: cottage architecture/people and their coal family history/ wine industry and the modern times.’ She added.

Demophoon immerses audiences in stories which live long in memories, and transforms emotions.

Demophoon is located at 63 First Street, Weston.

Contact Marie and her experienced team on 0408117535.



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